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wilf_rocks's Journal

Wilf Rocks - The Comm about Donna's Grandfather.
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Wilfred Mott - The New Hero of Doctor Who
Welcome to Wilf Rocks, the comm about Donna's grandfather Wilfred Mott and sister comm to martian_boy.

Wilfred first appeared in Voyage of the Damned as a newspaper seller who was resolutly remaining in London after most of the populaus had fled in fear of yet another Christmas Alien invasion.

Since then, he has been seen in the Cinema Doctor Who Trailer and on set filming for the series.

Comm rules...

1) No character bashing - any bashing will result in the member being banned from the community.

2) Posts must relate to Wilfred Mott

3) Be nice to each other! Any comments that are untoward can be notified to the mods and will be investigated by the mods.

4) Spoilers must be hidden under an lj cut.